ISA Sign Expo 2018 (Orlando Florida) and 2019 (Las Vegas Nevada)

Ascent Equipment has announced its intention to display its CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine and Laser Welder at the 2018 International Sign Association Show in Orlando March 22-24.

Ascent’s AT1 Bending Machine has easy changeover capabilities and a user friendly format, this machine set the standard in CNC equipment for the sign industry. The ISA show will be an excellent place to explore Ascent’s new line of equipment as well as get answers to questions sign manufacturers may have. Ascent Equipment Engineering will be at the show demonstrating the equipments ease of use as well as the various types of channel letters it creates using non-proprietary aluminum and stainless steel material (Channel Letters without Trim, Reverse Channel Letters, and Epoxy-filled Channel Letters).

“We saw what the market was doing, and we thought we could do it better and more economically. Our customers are looking for machines that are extremely reliable and produce excellent products, but also come in at affordable prices.” D. Rom – Head of Engineering

We are working closely with a few distributors in the U.S. and Canada to supply raw materials (aluminum profiles and stainless steel spring clips) in the next few months.
To schedule a follow-up call or in person meeting, please reach out so we can show you precisely how our equipment can help you increase productivity for less.
Best regards,
Dave (Dov) Rom, V.P. Operations
Ascent Equipment

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