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Breakthrough Technology:

Announcing industry first, Ascent 500W laser welder that can weld Aluminum (3000 and 5000 alloys),
Stainless steel, Galvanized Steel and Brass!

Contact Ascent (1-800-927-5107) for demonstration and/or samples.


When Welding aluminum the end result depends on the type of the alloy the  thickness of the material, and the shape and the size of the letter in some cases two-part epoxy should be added in the corners for extra strength.

Give us your projects details and we will make you samples for demonstration.



Welding LED channel letters that made from aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, titanium, brass and copper with high energy laser beam that defused the two metal together without soldiering material.
Laser weling is the best solution and the greenest.


  1. Red light spot fast positioning; CCD display
  2. High working speed: 6 times faster than traditional TIG or MIG welding
  3. Slight distortion and less heating affect
  4. Able to deal with complex, profiled, tiny to huge letters &signs
  5. Low noise and no pollution.
  6. Ultrafine locating pin makes corner welding easier without changing position
  7. Laser cavity can move in all directions manually in order to weld letters of different dimensions
  8. Latest adapted marble table surface makes welding more smoothly and will give less scratches to the material
  9. Handy laser pen is more flexible to weld items that can’t be put on the table, maximum working distance 5 meters
  10. Easy installation and maintenance. operation skills can be acquired within a few hours
  11. Best aluminum welding effect among all similar laser welders in market
  12. FDA

Dual Output Laser Welder

Technical Index

  • Palm size laser pen diameter 24mm
  • Laser pen lighter than AMADA pen
  • Smooth & flexible welding experience
  • Water cooling & shield gas blower available
  • Red pointer fast locating
  • Advanced optical design
  • Japanese fiber cable adopted
  • Upgrade to 3HP industrial laser chiller
  • Quick use & easy maintenance
  • Weld metals of thickness ≤ 2mm

Technical Index

Dual Output Laser Welder



Less requirement for operator, less material distortion. No post-processing, less after-processing of material.

1064nm laser is sensitive to metals and won’t do harm to Skin. Yet you must wear laser goggles for eye protection.

Laser welder can do 50~100 meters, channel letter within 8 hrs For skilled worker. That’s 2~3 time efficiency of Tin soldering.

Laser tube & protective glass are main consumables Which need to be changed once a few months.

No PC attached. Only 3 parameters need to be set which are Current Frequency & Pulse Width. Anyone who gets 1 hour training can operate well.

Clean protective glass and locating pin every day, clean Laser chamber and water chiller once a month, remove The dust on chiller fan and laser power when it’s dirty.

Laser head might get tilt or shake if the laser arm is too long which will affect the focusing of the laser.

If you only weld thin sheet ≤1. 5mm and don’t weld Aluminum, then 300W is enough for you. If you weld Metals up to 2mm, then you should choose 500W.

The machine comes with installation and training at your location by our qualified technician (North America)