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Ascent CNC Laser cutters are a great addition to Ascent CNC routers

  • CNC Laser work on much higher speed than CNC Router and do not need an operator to stand by and hold small parts during the cutting process.
  • All Ascent lasers are FDA approved
  • The two types of laser source:
  • Fiber laser, Solid State Laser (SSL)
  • CO2 laser

Accent laser cutters offer advanced technology with competitive price design especially for the sign industry

All Ascent laser is FDA certified

Ascent offers an attractive “package deal” for the CO2 and the Fiber laser

CO2 laser cutter:

280W-working size 4′ x 8′ with the highest cutting speed to cut non-metal material such as acrylic and MDF

Fiber laser cutter:

1000W-working size 5’ x 10’ with Automatic pallet changer and fully covered to cut stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass and other metal
(Add the picture FL and Laser cutter)

Laser cutter