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Ascent AT1 CNC bending machine,The best machine in the industry to make less-expensive channel letter without trim and reverse/halo channel letters bending machine

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Ascent introducing “old-school” legacy bending machine (patent pending) and stapling machine


We might not be the first to introduce the channel letter without trim machine to the sign industry, but we know that our years in the sign industry have given us an edge that most companies don’t have.

The finished product:

  • Channel Letters without Trim cap
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Epoxy filled channel letter
  •  For indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Finished product construction, proven technology, (in different weather conditions)
  • The finished product tested in a qualified laboratory by one of the leading North American sign manufacture
  • North American support and training, at location or at our production facility
  • Training includes, machine run and maintenance, complete process assembly of channel letters without trim and reverse channel letters.
  • Complete row material support, Aluminum extrusion, Spring clips, Stainless material and other flat coil material.
  •  Row material is not proprietary and can be purchased from Ascent or from other qualified suppliers.
  • The cost includes set-up, installation, and training. Additionally, two years of software updates, life time of phone/Skype tech support from a North American based technician

Machine capabilities:

  • Easy changeover (software) between aluminum extrusion and stainless steel material
  • Need to calibrate only once.
  • Easy operation, do not need highly skilled labor.
  • No limitation on letter size
  • Aluminum extrusion height. 2” and 3” and Stainless steel material up to 1mm (18 AWG) at different heights
  • Limited warranty two years

Machine Specification

(Ascent reserve the right to change specification without notice)

Exclusive distribution in North America:

Ascent Equipment

Exclusive distribution in North America:

Ascent Equipment

Tel/Fax     : 1-647-494-7800
Toll Free  : 1-800-927-5107
Cell            : 1-416-953-8104

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